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Editorial Experience, Writing and Art History

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Muriel "Mike" Peters**

Muriel Peters is a New York - based film producer and executive. She is currently developing two feature film projects. “The Diplomat’s Wife”, an original story about an American diplomatic couple in India in the early ‘60’s, which was originally commissioned by American Playhouse with a script written by Girish Karnad and Muriel Peters. The second film, “The Hidden Force”  is based on a Dutch classic novel by Louis Couperus. It is set in turn-of-the-century Java. It deals with a Dutch colonial Administrator’s discovery of the hidden forces of Java on many levels (mystical, political and emotional). Its screenplay is by Tim Rose Price. 

Her earlier projects include: "The Only Real Game" a documentary about baseball in Manipur and “Listening to Volcanoes” , a documentary shot in Indonesia in 1990-91 for PBS and BBC, with Madhur Jaffrey as presenter; “Inner Space to Outer Space”, a trilogy of films on Indonesia; Asia Stage Center”, a television series bringing together Asian and Western performing artists; “The Revenge of Two Sons”, a video on the Court Dance of Okinawa; Manifestations of Shiva, a documentary feature for the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Asia Society and PBS; “What Do You Want to Do When You Grow Old?" With DCA Productions; “The Eye of the Storm", a documentary for ABC News, winner of 1970 Peabody Award and many other awards; “The Day Before Tomorrow”, for Newsweek Magazine; “The Guru”, a Merchant Ivory feature shot in India for 20th Century Fox, starring Michael York and Utpal Dutt; and “Africa”, a four-hour documentary for ABC which was the 1967 winner of the Peabody Award. 

Ms. Peters was Director of the Film and Broadcasting Department of the Asia Society in New York from 1977-82, during which time she was Director of “Film India” (a major retrospective of films from India, jointly with MOMA), of “Films from Korea” and of “Cinema Indonesia”, a traveling festival in the United States. She was also Executive in charge of Film and Broadcasting for the Indo-US Subcommission on Education and Culture from 1976-83, and subsequently consultant to that organization. She served as a consulting producer to the ASDA Foundation in 1984. She started her film career in the story department of Paramount Films. Prior to that she was Managing Editor of Art News Annual in New York. She has written for numerous art magazines and has acted as a consultant on Oriental Art.

Ms. Peters received a B.A. in Philosophy from Harvard University, and a B. Litt in Oriental Art from Oxford University. Her dissertation was on the Elephanta Caves of India.

**Also known as Muriel Neff

Editorial Experience, Writing and Art History

Additional Information

Editor & Writer

1964-6: Managing Editor, ARTnews Annual, New York, NY (as Muriel Neff)

1964: Assistant Editor, ARTnews Magazine, New York, NY (as Muriel Neff)

1959: Editor, Museum News, monthly publication of the American Association of Museums at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. (as Muriel Neff)

1959: Author (as Muriel Neff), "Elephanta: Architecture", in MARG: A Magazine of the Arts, Bombay, India, September 1960, vol.13, no.4; pp.20-30

1959: Author (as Muriel Neff), "Elephanta: Sculpture", in MARG: A Magazine of the Arts, Bombay, India, September 1960, vol.13, no.4; pp.30-60

1958: Author (as Muriel Neff), "The Origins of the Indian Cave Temples", in Oriental Art Magazine, Surrey, England, new series, vol.4, no.1; pp. 23-27

1956: Author (as Muriel Neff), "Some Indian Terracottas at Oxford", in Oriental Art Magazine, Surrey, England, new series, vol.2, no.2; pp.56-59

1950-51: Editor-in-Chief, Projection, Haitian-American Institute, Port-au-Prince, Haiti (as Muriel Neff)

Art Historian

1954-60: Consultant on Oriental art to museums, collectors and publishers

1959-64: Extensive exploration and research in remote areas of India, Afghanistan and Cambodia

Film, Television, Radio and Theater Credits

Current: Producer, "The Only Real Game". Directed by Mirra Bank

Ongoing: Producer, “The Diplomat’s Wife”, feature film to be shot in India, developed with American Playhouse (PBS), screenplay by Girish Karnad based on idea by Muriel Peters.

Ongoing: Producer, “The Hidden Force” feature film to be shot in Indonesia, in development, screenplay by Tim Rose Price based on novel by Louis Couperus, edited by E.M. Beekman.

1990: Producer, “Listening to Volcanoes”, documentary shot in Indonesia, for WNET/ New York and the BBC, directed by Anthony Mayer, presented by Madhur Jaffrey.

1984-87: Executive Producer, “Inner Space to Outer Space”, trilogy of films on Indonesia.

1982-84: Executive Producer, “Asia: Stage Center”, television series; pre-production, complete recording of Wayang Kulit performance. Directed by Malcolm Leigh.

1984: Consulting Producer, The ASDA Foundation (American Masters TV programs on Thomas Eakins, I.B. Singer and Phillip Johnson).

1977-83: Executive in charge of film and broadcasting activities, Indo-U.S. Subcommission on Education and Culture.

1977-82: Director, Film and Broadcasting Department, The Asia Society, New York.

1982-83: Director, “Cinema Indonesia”, a festival of Indonesian films in the United States.

1982: Co-Producer, “The Revenge of Two Sons: Dance Drama from Okinawa ”, a half-hour video, the Court Dance of Okinawa, for The Asia Society.

1982: Director, “Films from Korea”, presentation of Korean films to honor the USA-Korea Centennial of diplomatic relations. Muriel Peters was honored with the “Korea-USA Centennial Program Committee” award on May 22, 1982.

1981: Co-Director, “Film India”, a major retrospective of Indian cinema, in three parts.  Part 1: “Satyajit Ray” ---  Part 2: “Historical Retrospective” --- Part 3: “Contemporary Cinema”. Presented in New York and eight cities by The Asia Society, The Museum of Modern Art, and the Directorate of Film Festivals, New Delhi. Co-Directors:  Muriel Peters, Adrienne Mancia (MOMA) and Erik Barnouw (Library of Congress).

1979-80: Executive Producer, “Manifestations of Shiva”, documentary feature shot in India. Directed by Malcolm Leigh.

1975: Associate Producer, “What do You Want to be When You Grow Old”, a half-hour film, Pfizer Corporation, DCA Productions. With William Peters. 

1970: Co-Producer, “The Eye of the Storm”, documentary for ABC News; winner of Peabody Award, Christopher Award and many other awards. With William Peters.

1969:  Associate Producer, "The Guru", narrative feature shot in India, starring Michael York and Utpal Dutt, a Merchant Ivory/Twentieth Century Fox Production, directed by James Ivory.

1969: Associate Producer, “The Day Before Tomorrow”, a half-hour film for Newsweek Magazine, VPI Films.

1967: Assistant to Producer, “Africa”, a four-hour television documentary, ABC, filmed on location in East Africa; winner of Peabody Award and numerous other awards (as Muriel Neff).

1965-66: Story Department, Paramount Films, New York.

1963: Writer and narrator of a series of talks on art for the Overseas Division, All India Radio, New Delhi (as Muriel Neff).

Theatrical Credits:

1999: Producer, "Angels Don't Dance" by Richard Brockman, directed by Mirra Bank.

1999: Producer, "Out of the Blue" by William Benton.


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